Understanding the process is an important first step to planning your video marketing strategy.  You need to engage the right video production company, build a realistic timeline and budget, and find the perfect delivery channel.  None of that is possible without first understanding what it really takes to build a successful video.

A big picture view will help you understand where you can leverage economies of scale, prepare for the parts of the project that require the most hands on attention, and recognize expertise in a potential video production partner.  Understanding the delivery process will help you loop the right people into the project at the right time.  Understanding the importance of post-production could help you identify a concept that would’ve otherwise gone untapped.  Knowing what you should expect in preproduction could help you prevent a potential disaster on production day.  Only by arming yourself with a knowledge of the process can you identify every opportunity, and mitigate every risk.

  1. Sharing your vision, and getting to know your video production partner.

  2. Finding the perfect idea to match your goals, brand, and audience.

  3. Planning meticulously and coordinating the production.

  4.  Shooting or animating the video itself.

  5. Putting the finishing touches that keep your brand looking sharp.

  6. Making any changes, and getting your video ready to show the world.

This is Our Process.

Getting the most out of your videos takes planning, strategy, and a meaningful way to measure success.  And when great videos achieve specific goals, volcanoes erupt, fireworks explode, and we all smile.

Social Engagement videos are created to build tribes, keep your brand front of mind, connect with existing customers, generate micro moments that lead to a deeper brand relationship and “organically” reach new prospects.